The Sounds and Smells She Makes

In all fairness, it is time for the other side--the female side of sounds and smells.

It started with a realization.   I find myself making sounds that after turning 60, are becoming more prevalent.  Every time  as I either sit down or stand up I make an audible "Ahh", almost a sigh. It seems quite automatic, a reflex action.  I do not mean to make the sound, it just happens. I never made this sound in my youth.  Sitting and rising seemed to come naturally. Now it comes with a sound.

The sound that I seem to have made all my life, as attested to by family and some very close friends. . .and you will understand when I say VERY CLOSE friends, I have never heard.  These cretins, well, they say I snore. Not just any snore. In their words, with each  CHNUCCCCKKKKK, doors fly open, windows shut, curtains blow.  

It seems that while on vacation (this is also where the very close friends enter the picture), the loving family kept balled socks at the ready to toss at me, hoping it would wake me just enough to re-adjust and they could have quiet for a while.  They even had an arsenal prepared to supply these so-called close friends.  I think they are exaggerating.  However it does explain the mystery of waking up surrounded by my laundry.

I understand that snoring has made many a couple seek separate rooms especially when the nest becomes empty and empty rooms many. We are not at that level yet. Nor do I hope so.  Just let it be known that should hubby complain--and while he jokes about my snoring-- he does remain in our room. I believe, he who is without sin should not cast that stone.  He too can make the sashes on the window be tossed a few times. And with my I-phone always at the nearby night stand, I can easily record the evidence.