Day 3: Ahhh Youth. . . .

I was watching the new Sunday Morning Today show-- Sunday Morning with Willie Geist or some such nuveau name. It is a "hip" or should I say 'dope,' show made to get the millennials into the serious news world.  I do mean serious, as I believe that many watch Comedy Central's take on news programs, and think it is real.   But before I get to that, I need to lay some groundwork.

First, I am pleased to say that I knew about Pokemon GO when social media and my aging friends started to ask--WHAT IS THIS.  Luckily, as a mother of 2 millennials and a teenager, I have been able to keep up with the new advances (Think FaceSwap on SnapChat--more on another day) 

Pokemon, a  video game  my children were  addicted to,  launched an augmented-reality game. It’s called Pokemon Go, and no, I do not have all of those cards they saved in binders still. It seems the app that lets you “catch” digital Pokemon in actual locations that come up in your real life. So I guess if I do that Jigglypuff can show up in my bedroom or office.  So this is why people walk in traffic and run into walls. BE FORWARNED. Police said robbers use the app - which reveals users locations - to target victims  heading to isolated areas. 
Gotta love a smart bad guy.

That helps you know where I am coming from. So here is the rant. And YES IT IS A RANT!

Picture the PR Spokesman, giving a very serious update and talk on ISIS,  yes ISIS.  The name even makes me shudder to think of all they do. (ISIS will be another blog soon I am sure, because I am impressed by the low-tech way they terrorize--not even using a gun--i guess we may need to ban trucks soon)  Anyway I digress.  

Serious talk. ISIS.  And the PR guy interrupts his speech and asks the reporter, "Are you playing POKEMON GO?"  From somewhere in the room off camera, you hear, "YES! And You are surrounded by them!"  

I guess it is just me--but if I was the News Director of that reporter, without question, I would pull their little posterior into my office and say, "you are now free to play whenever you want as you are fired!"  

But it does not end there. Cut back to the panel discussion, and the female political pundit says, "I play it too! And have been while we are here, and I am sorry to say, there are no Pokemon in this studio."  Gales of laughter from the round table discussion. I turned off my TV.

SO that is what our news has come too.  Young reporters, young pundits, all playing a game.  All not caring about ISIS or the real world.