Day 1: Tripping into the 7th Decade

One birthday wisher asked if hitting 6-0 made me contemplative. At the time NO. Life is good. Age a number. Then I started to notice things. 1- I received my first senior discount at the museum. 2-I listened to a group of young women discuss wedding plans that included what to do with the couples 2 year old during the shower and wedding to keep him occupied (good luck with that)as well as to what # to use on invitations and social media 3-another table nearby was discussing branding and how difficult it is and 4- in a review for the new Ghostbusters movie they were enthralled that "it was fun that the living Ghostbusters appeared in the movie." Not the "original" Ghostbusters. So I guess I have now advanced that I am still "living" as well.